Social Engineering Awareness Training

Date: Wednesday 7th June 2017
Venue: London

This workshop will take delegates through the principles and main methods of social engineering attacks upon themselves and their staff.  It focuses on how social engineering methods contribute to fraud within organisations and as an external attack method.

Attendees will receive detailed background on the motivation and methodology of so-called “human hacking” and will learn how to deploy defensive strategies against such attacks, from within an organisation.

The workshop will give advice on leading internal awareness campaigns and how to convert this awareness, once achieved, into cultural change and a proactive, secure workforce.

Delegates will learn how to prevent “security fatigue” within the workplace, how to show good leadership in security and how to make the security message personal and memorable for staff.

The workshop will look at how social engineering might manifest within an organisation, whether intentionally or not, and looks at how to motivate staff to be alert to attacks and maintain a defensive but professional mindset.

The training is highly interactive and energetic and uses filmed media, case studies, quizzes and role play exercises to ensure memorable content and maximum learner retention.

What you will gain from attending the workshop: 

  • knowledge of social engineering methods and motivations
  • awareness of how social engineering contributes to both internal and external fraudulent activities
  • understanding of how people might be willing or unintentional social engineers themselves
  • understanding of how organisational culture contributes to “human hacks” and how to reverse this effect and use culture positively
  • knowledge of defensive strategies to deploy immediately within the organisation
  • advice on communicating the message to stakeholders of all kinds in a persuasive and influential manner
  • understanding of internal communications plans and how to make them effective
  • understanding of how to lead with the S.E.A.T© message to promote different security initiatives throughout the organization
  • training on the Social Engineering Awareness Roadmap©, which is a detailed guide to the prevention, mitigation and management of the social engineering threat.

The workshop will run from 10.00 to around 16.30, to facilitate travel to and from the venue.

All refreshments and lunch will be provided.

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