Financial Crime Intelligence Workshop

Date: TWO DAYS: Monday 22nd - Tuesday 23rd May 2017
Venue: London

The one-day workshop

The more general, introductory-level programme will cover the following: 

  • an introduction to Internet open source intelligence
  • understanding search engines - going beyond Google
  • saving and preserving internet information
  • people and company search tools and techniques
  • WHOIS lookups
  • social media intelligence and monitoring tools
  • looking into the deep web
  • privacy and security.

The two-day workshop

Aimed at those who either have already attended the one-day event, or already have a higher level of knowledge or experience, this will cover: 

  • an introduction to Internet open source intelligence
  • international searching and translation options
  • custom searching and alerts
  • reverse image searching and understanding EXIF data
  • using the Internet archive and CACHE intelligence
  • advanced search techniques and operators
  • collecting evidence tools
  • news searching and RSS
  • video searching and associated techniques
  • understanding and investigating email headers and WHOIS lookups
  • searching social networks and geo-location searching
  • using APIs to extract intelligence
  • exploring the deep web and the dark web
  • understanding an IP address and DNS
  • privacy, security, virtual private networks and proxy servers

 These workshops have run for five years, and have consistently been extremely well received.

The 2017 workshops have again been updated to ensure that you will learn about the very latest tools availalbe to help you find the information you need on the Internet.  You will leave with a valuable set of skills to enable you to both broaden and deepen your coverage of open source intelligence.

The workshops will run from 10.00 to around 16.30, to facilitate travel to and from the venue.

All refreshments and lunches will be provided.

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