Financial Crime Intelligence Workshop

Date: TWO DAYS: Monday 22nd - Tuesday 23rd May 2017
Venue: London

- how to find the information you need on the Internet

Our financial crime intelligence workshops continue to be extremely well-attended and well received:

"Most valued course I have been to throughout my career in AML." (Lindsay Doyle, RBS)

"The workshop was packed full of useful information and was exactly what I was looking for." (Fiona Moir, Student Loans Company)

"Some very good tips, tools and useful knowledge to take back to my workplace."  (Mick Turner, Lakeland)

As a practitioner involved in the prevention and/or investigation of financial crime, you are constantly being tasked with finding out more and more information.  You are increasingly being required to raise your team’s success levels in areas including: 

  • identifying, verifying and profiling individuals
  • investigating histories
  • identifying company nominees
  • locating and evaluating assets
  • discovering any criminal involvement 

You know the information you need is out there somewhere, but how can you find it - swiftly, safely and cost-effectively? 

And how can you turn that information into intelligence? 

Help is at hand! 

This highly practical, up-to-the minute workshop will show you how to find the information you need on the Internet – open source intelligence – in order to significantly improve your effectiveness in areas such as: 

  • know your customer
  • enhanced due diligence
  • sanctions checking
  • business intelligence
  • PEPs screening
  • fraud prevention
  • pre-employment screening 

By attending this workshop, you will: 

  • become much more efficient at conducting online research;
  • discover how to get the most from surface and deep websites, as well as from other sources such as social networking sites;
  • develop the skills and awareness to use the Internet safely when carrying out research, and to protect your own privacy online;
  • learn how to use different freely available tools to investigate online more effectively but securely

- and much more!  

This workshop is a must for anyone who needs to be able to find, manage and use financial crime intelligence in the following sectors: 

  • banks
  • law firms
  • building societies
  • accountancy firms
  • insurance companies
  • gaming companies
  • investment management firms
  • money services bureaux
  • stockbroking firms
  • law enforcement agencies
  • local authorities
  • trust and corporate services providers ….


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